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Toward New Roots? Settling and Unsettling Identities

  • Lewis & Clark College 0615 Southwest Palatine Hill Road Portland, OR, 97219 United States (map)
This panel explores the ways in which racial identities fluctuate depending on a person’s physical location.

For example, how is Blackness a different experience for a person from Africa who is now living in America, as opposed to someone of African descent born in the United States? Are there other spaces where racial identities change or mean something different? What happens when we feel out of place where we are “supposed” to belong? Can we call these places “home”? What happens when we code switch and speak in different words and worlds?


Stamm Dining Room, Templeton Campus Center


Diana Leonard, L&C assistant professor of psychology


Jeff Chang, author, Colorlines cofounder, and RWS keynote speaker
Daniel Eisen, assistant professor of sociology, Pacific University
Nicolette Sauramba, L&C ’19, member of Bantu Ba Africa
Anna N’Semi, L&C ’19, member of Bantu Ba Africa