13th Annual Ray Warren Symposium

November 9-11, 2016

Home often refers to our point of origin, the place where we live, and the spaces where we can be ourselves. Home describes a physical location as well as a state of mind. But what does it take to make a home? What does it mean to belong somewhere or feel at home? What happens when the places that feel most like home are also sites of conflict and contention? How do ideologies of race and ethnicity affect our definitions and experiences of home?

This year’s symposium will address historical and contemporary issues such as racial disparities in housing, global migration in the context of nationalism, indigenous experiences of place, and the infinite ways in which we create and recreate home and community. In thinking about race, place, and belonging, we hope to examine the boundaries that divide us, the lines that connect us, and the places that define us.

Through art, lectures, and thought-provoking panels, the 13th Annual Ray Warren Symposium on Race and Ethnic Studies aims to uncover how ideologies of race and ethnicity shape our sense of belonging. Join us in exploring what it means to feel at home and what it takes to get there.

Student Co-Chairs

Emma Biddulph ’17
Lani Felicitas ’18
Lesedi Khabele-Stevens ’17
Mikeala Owen ’17




photos from last year's symposium

Schooled: Race and Ethnicity in Education

Photo Credits: Andrew Cavanaugh and Welch Keliihoomalu