Dear Lewis & Clark Students

Portland State University is hosting a rally titled “Against Racist Fear & Violence” at 12PM (noon) today, Thursday, December 3. They are rallying to stand in solidarity with Lewis & Clark students.

We want to have a presence at this rally. Please join us at the Manor House at 11:20, where we will get organized and pick up posters. Together we will take the 11:47 Pio to PSU.

The rally will be hosted at the PSU Park Blocks (666 SW Park Ave, Portland, Oregon 97201)

For more information on the rally, check out their facebook event.

In addition to the rally tomorrow, PSU has invited us to attend the Portland International Socialist Organization’s meeting on ISIS, Imperialism, and the anti-refugee backlash at 6:45PM at the PSU Smith Building Room 333. This will be a critical discussion to try to make sense and deepen our understanding of the rise of ISIS (Daesh), how western imperialism played a role in creating the conditions for the rise of this reactionary movement, and how we can organize against the racist anti-immigrant backlash that has intensified since the Paris attack and build a Socialist alternative to the barbarism which capitalism is hurling us towards.

The speaker will be: Wael Elasady, a Palestinian-Syrian activist and member of the International Socialist Organization.

For more information on this meeting, visit their facebook event.