On a stunning campus in one of the most exciting and progressive cities anywhere, the next generation of global thinkers gathers to discard conventional thinking, civic complacency, and outmoded preconceptions. Leaders, visionaries, and problem-solvers, we come together to explore new ways of knowing through classic liberal learning and innovative collaboration. 

At Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, we welcome all who are alive to inquiry, open to diversity, and eager to shape the new global century. Through our undergraduate programs in the arts, humanities, and sciences, and through our graduate and professional studies in education, counseling, and law, we undertake original research, interdisciplinary studies, and community service. We push beyond what is known in order to discover something new every day. 

Reflecting the College's national and global reach, approximately 79 percent of Lewis & Clark's 2,179 undergraduate students come from outside Oregon, representing forty-seven states plus the District of Columbia and 76 countries.


Commitment to academic excellence and personal and intellectual growth is imperative for successful Lewis & Clark applicants. Lewis & Clark is very selective, and every part of the application matters: academic records, essays, involvement in activities at school and in the community, leadership, and the strength of recommendations. Students are encouraged to visit our campus. Interviews are available but not required. The best-prepared applicants will have had four years of English, four years of mathematics, three to four years of history or social sciences, three years of laboratory sciences, two to three years of a foreign language, and one year of fine arts. Required credentials include: an essay; an official transcript including senior grades from first semester; a counselor recommendation; and one academic teacher recommendation. Lewis & Clark requires the SAT or ACT, unless the student is applying via the Test-Optional Portfolio Path (see www.lclark.edu for details). Students apply using the on-line Common Application. There is no application fee. Keep in mind these deadlines: First-year applicants November 1 for binding Early Decision (notification, December 15), November 1 for non-binding Early Action (notification, January 1) and January 15 for Regular Decision (notification, April 1). Transfer applicants are reviewed on a rolling basis.



A liberal arts education at Lewis & Clark connects classical learning with fresh inquiry and exciting research that pushes the frontiers of knowledge. Lewis & Clark considers the following elements essential to a liberal arts education: 

1. Mastery of the fundamental techniques of intellectual inquiry: effective writing and speaking, active reading, and critical and imaginative thinking.
2. Exposure to the major assumptions, knowledge, and approaches in the fine arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences.
3. Critical understanding of important contemporary and historical issues.
4. Awareness of international and cross-cultural issues and gender relations.
5. Application of theory and knowledge to the search for informed, thoughtful and responsible solutions to important human problems. 

The curriculum combines structure and freedom. Depth and breadth of subject matter are highly valued, but equally important are creativity and critical thinking. There are many opportunities for students to take their learning to a higher level, such as honors projects within academic departments, independent research, and internships. And our fast-growing Center for Entrepreneurship offers academic and cocurricular opportunities to translate knowledge and experiences into skills for success beyond college. 

Two 15-week semesters make up the academic year, and each semester students normally take four 4-semester-hour courses, and one or more activity courses. The average student course load is 16 credits per semester. The requirement for graduation is 128 semester hours approximately eight classes each year.


Lewis & Clark offers one degree: the Bachelor of Arts. Students have a wide selection of majors from which to choose: art (studio), art history, biochemistry and molecular biology, biology, chemistry, classics, computer science, computer science and mathematics, East Asian studies, economics (international, public policy, and theory), English, environmental studies, foreign languages, French, German, Hispanic studies, history, international affairs, mathematics, music, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, religious studies, rhetoric and media studies, sociology/anthropology, and theater. Students may also design their own major, pursue a double major, or select from 27 minors. Pre-professional preparation is available in the fields of law, business, education, entrepreneurship, and medicine. Dual degree (3-2 or 4-2) programs in engineering are offered in cooperation with Columbia University, Washington University in St. Louis, and the University of Southern California. A dual degree, 4-2 B.A/M.B.A. program is available in conjunction with the Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester. A dual degree, 4-1 B.A/M.A.T program is offered through Lewis & Clark's Graduate School of Education and Counseling. In addition, there is a guaranteed admission agreement with Lewis & Clark's Law School for students meeting certain criteria.

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