A letter from Jewish Students of Lewis & Clark

December 6th, 2015

We, Jewish Students of Lewis & Clark, have witnessed the oppression of our fellow Black students on campus. The past few weeks we have seen public, violent acts of hate directed at Black students. With our history of systemic genocidal violence, we can’t help but ask: What if it was us?

65 years ago, it was us. 65 years ago, we feared the demolition of our entire people. We needed leaders in power to hear us.

Today, we hear the Black students at Lewis & clark ask for the safety and rights that should be granted to all. Today, we ask you, as a fellow Jew & leader in our community -- to take long term responsibility in engaging with Black students on campus. Black Lives Matter Lewis and Clark cannot do their work alone, we need you as an ally.

Now is always the time to act. Silence & fear give space for injustice. Let’s not be the silent bystanders of history. Barry, we are calling you in to engage in a partnership.

We ask that you meet with Black Lives Matter Lewis and Clark representatives before the break is over to collaborate as we all move toward diversity & inclusion on campus and in our world.  

Jewish Students @ Lewis & Clark