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Dear LC BlackLivesMatter & LC Black Student Union,

In light of recent events on campus, the Jewish community on campus came together to reexamine the community we are part of and the damaging racism that has occurred against our friends and peers. As Jewish students and as people, we stand opposed to all forms of inequality, racism, and intimidation.

Lewis & Clark Hillel condemns the current threats and actions against Black members of our college community. As a Jewish community, we stand in solidarity with the LC BlackLivesMatter movement, the Black Student Union, and people of color on this campus. These past few weeks have been a horrific example of the racism that still exists in our society and--unfortunately--on our campus. We commit to examining our own complicity in sustaining racism on campus and working to make our events open and accessible to all. As Jewish students, we draw both upon the long-standing relationship between Black and Jewish communities and upon the core Jewish values of social justice, equality, and community, in offering our support.

We recognize that this message comes far too long after these events began on our campus, and for that we apologize. We could have and should do more to support people of color at Lewis & Clark. Our previous silence stems from our shock and outrage, not from agreement or apathy. We sincerely hope you see us as partners in your efforts to make lasting change on campus. We are committed to making this a permanent conversation in our community and beyond to continue our support of this struggle.

We implore both our Jewish community and the broader Lewis & Clark community to take responsibility through tangible action and work to make Lewis & Clark the safe, inclusive, diverse community we want and we need it to be.

In solidarity,
Lewis & Clark Jewish Student Union

Greater Portland Hillel 

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