In December of 2015, LC Black Lives Matter created The Racial Justice and Equality Fund. Our Statement of Purpose delineates the Fund’s mission, function and structure. If we can raise 50k in pledges by the end of 2016, we propose that the Racial Justice and Equality Fund be fully implemented by Lewis and Clark College’s executive administration by the 2016-2017 academic year.

Statement of Purpose

The Racial Justice and Equality Fund must support efforts which promote racial justice and equality within the Lewis & Clark College community according to the parameters herein determined. Funds may be allocated to members of the Lewis & Clark community, and/or to individuals and groups operating within Lewis & Clark.

Steering Committee

  • The Racial Justice and Equality Fund will be allocated by a steering committee of eleven individuals including:

    • Four Lewis & Clark College undergraduate students.

    • Two faculty members.

    • Two staff members.

    • Chief Financial Officer or designee.

    • Director of Development or designee.

    • A non-voting facilitator that may only vote in the case of a tie.  

  • The members of the steering committee shall be selected through the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. The selection process must actively strive to form an intersectional group based upon the applications received.

  • All funds shall be allocated through a formal grant application process.

  • The steering committee will deliberate on grant applications at least twice during the semester.

  • All meeting minutes shall be public and should include a rationale for the final allocation decision.


  • Students in the Racial Justice and Equality Fund steering committee shall be paid an hourly-based stipend of $15 dollars to offset their hourly commitment.

Internal Expenses

  • All internal expenses, including students’ stipends, must be covered by the Office of Institutional Advancement’s budget.

Possible Funding Initiatives

  1. Recruitment and retention of faculty and staff of Color, for example: IME Director, a full-time Chief Diversity Officer, tenure-track professors, and so forth.

  2. To host special interest events (for example: lectures, guest speakers, community-builders, cross-cultural training, and so forth)

  3. Acquisition of material and supplies for projects related to racial justice and equality.

  4. Resources for academic courses that thematically align with racial justice and equality.

  5. Other possible funding initiatives may be considered at the discretion of the steering committee.

Other parameters:

  • Student-led academic projects must first go through the Student Academic Affairs Board grant application process. .

  • Past SAAB applicants may apply.

Pledge Form

We welcome pledges of any amount to the Racial Justice and Equality Fund. At the moment, pledges are overseen by LC Black Lives Matter members. We guarantee that all sensitive personal information will remain confidential. We ask that you indicate if you wish to remain anonymous, otherwise we will share names and pledge amounts on our pledge list page on this website.

Name *

What is a 'pledge'?

We are working to develop a mechanism to collect donations to support our work. Until that point, we are collecting pledges of support. Pledges will help us show the College that such a fund can attract real support for students, especially students of color.
We will present the sum of all pledges to our advancement office to show the merit of such a fund. Once we have developed a way to collect money, we will contact you to fulfill your pledge. Only pledge if you intend to follow through. We need to preserve the legitimacy of our pledges.
   We are occupying the President's office because that is where the President's work is done. Part of that work is the fundraising that supports students. In the absence of strong leadership, our movement is taking responsibility for building an anti-racist institution - and that includes raising the resources needed to bring that about. As such, we feel compelled to begin to raise funds that pursue that vision.  Thank you for giving whatever you can!