Community CDI Forum Updates

Below is a statement from concerned students:

Once again, Black students on this campus have been served with nothing but words. This time, in the form of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion’s “Open Forum” tonight in the Agnes Flanagan Chapel. Students were told that the CDI, along with President Glassner, would listen to student voices about the recent, racist incidents on this campus. Instead of a frank dialogue on racism and what we can do to repair our community, the open forum is based around one question: Is there racism on this campus? Black students and their allies/accomplices have been occupying the Manor House, peacefully and patiently, waiting for a chance to speak with President Glassner about experiences of racism here. The President still has not reached out to Black students, and now this forum trivializes and patronizes the work that those students, dedicated faculty, and members of the CDI have been doing for week, months, and even years. It is a fact that racism exists on this campus. We should not be asking if racism exists, but what we can do about racism on campus. That is what we, as concerned students committed to saving this College, intend to do. We intend to occupy stamm as a space, and to demand that the anti-Black racism on this campus be finally addressed. No more lip service, no more rhetoric, no more waiting games.


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