Letter to the LC Community

November 21, 2015 12:10 PM

Dear Family,

By now I am sure many of you have heard what has been happening on campus. We want to clarify what’s going on, and offer systems of support.


Last night a Black student was attacked by three white students. We all are going to protect the individual and focus on how we can support our campus right now, and how we can make changes. In that light, conversation debating specifics of the case are not only unproductive, but also can be harmful to their privacy and healing process.

We understand that while Campus Safety is a very important contact, many people may not feel comfortable being with them alone, or at all. If that is the case, there are several resources that will remain responsive and available.



Administration has created a webpage with updates from their end: http://www.lclark.edu/live/news/31639-an-issue-of-community-safety-and-concern

LC Black Lives Matter, a group of LC students

    Email us at lcblacklivesmatter@gmail.com

    Visit barryglassdoor.com


11am-2pm there will be a space in Council Chambers with counselors who are ready to talk with students about how this is affecting them, this space is for Black students only

The IME is open for all POCs. 

11am-12pm there will be a space in the Agnes Flanagan Chapel for the broader LC community to gather and connect to provide support for the anonymous student who was assaulted. There are two counselors in this space. Upstairs in for prayer, downstairs is for dialogue. 

If you feel like you need somewhere to be, contact any of the above resources and we will come get you and find somewhere you can be.

Danni Green will be holding office hours with black students in the Black Student Union until further notice.

Allies/Accomplices: We are calling upon you, as this is a time where your participation is vital. We need people who are ready to follow their words with action. We need people who are willing to invest their time and energy in protecting the mental, emotional and physical health of their Black comrades. If you feel like you are able and willing to dedicate time and energy, fill out this form (http://www.barryglassdoor.com/buddy). It is to implement a list of people who are willing to be a on call buddy  who will escort or provide support for Black students on Campus.  We are relying on you to keep an eye out for your friends.

Black Students and Students of Color: If you feel unsafe in any way, or would like to hold community, Danni Green will be in the BSU, and is ready to hold space for silent solidarity or conversation. Please don’t travel alone. We know it is hard, but please try your best to stay calm and take care of yourself: take a hot shower; make sure you eat and sleep enough. Counselors can be reached in the Council Chambers and in the Agnes Flanagan Chapel.


**If the media contacts you, please do NOT respond. Direct them to us.**

Give them Sonja’s phone number 610-348-6020, and this email address: lcblacklivesmatter@gmail.com


If you see something suspicious, please call campus safety at 503-768-7777, and Portland Police 911. We have to cover our bases and protect our students.


Stay in touch for updates.

All of our love and support,

LC Black Lives Matter, a group of Lewis & Clark students