Topic: Protest? Is it a sign of progress?

The Article

On August 25, 2016, Lewis & Clark President Barry Glassner and Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro published an opinion editorial in the Los Angeles Times titled "Diversity on campus sparks protest? It's a sign of progress."


The Student Response

On September 16, 2016, Lewis & Clark alumnus Julia Withers published her response to President Glassner's op-ed in the Pioneer LogLewis & Clark College's student newspaper.

The Context

Here is a collection of updates from Lewis & Clark Black Lives Matter

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Committee on Diversity and Inclusion Releases Draft Proposal

Dear Lewis & Clark Community,

The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) has completed its draft action plan, which you will find attached. We welcome your feedback. After you have read the plan, please take a few minutes to complete this comment form. The comment period runs from now until June 1.

The draft action plan is based on feedback collected from surveys, gatherings, and initiatives, as well as from the collective knowledge and experience of the members of the CDI. All information was carefully considered. However, not all suggestions appear in the draft action plan, particularly those outside the purview of the CDI and those that would not contribute toward the goal of creating a welcome and inclusive community for all.

Already, institution-wide progress is being made. Among recent developments are the creation of a Diversity Fund and the passage of a College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Diversity Proposal.

At President Glassner’s request, this plan lays out short-term action items that can be completed in the coming academic year. The plan also envisions longer-term items that will require one to three years of effort. Completion of and timelines for these longer-term items will be informed by a campus-wide climate survey and the creation of a more robust strategic plan for diversity.

On behalf of President Glassner and my fellow members of the CDI, I appreciate your care and concern for this shared work.


Janet W. Steverson, Chair of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion


Julio Appling, educational technology specialist
Jane Atkinson, vice president and provost (ex-officio)
Nathan Baptiste, director of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement (CAS)
Janet Bixby, associate dean (graduate school)
Anthony Blake, student (law school)
Cathy Busha, associate dean of student engagement (CAS)
Isaac Dixon, associate vice president and director of Human Resources
Mark Duntley, dean of religious and spiritual life
Se-ah-dom Edmo, coordinator of the Indigenous Ways of Knowing Program
David Ellis, vice president, secretary, and general counsel (ex-officio)
Linda Equiluz-Gonzalez, student (graduate school)
Erik Fast, director of corporate foundation relations
Mark Figueroa, associate provost for institutional research and planning (CAS)
Anna Gonzalez, dean of students (CAS)
JB Kim, assistant dean for diversity and academic resources (law school)
Stacey Kim, director of marketing and communications
Stella Kerl-McClain, associate professor of counseling psychology
Catherine Kodat, dean of the college of arts and sciences and professor of English (ex-officio)
Gabriela Rodriguez, student (CAS)
Laura Shier, director of Academic English Studies/instructor (CAS)
Liz Stanhope, associate professor of mathematical sciences (CAS)
Bruce Taft Jr., CDI project manager
Amanda Wilson, groundskeeper
Yueping Zhang, associate professor of psychology (CAS)

A Message from the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees

To the Lewis & Clark Community,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we want to share our outrage at the recent Yik Yak posts and the hateful assaults on two of our students. We are particularly concerned to ensure the safety of our students and want the assailants brought to justice.

We support the administration’s responses to these incidents, pursuit of justice, and subsequent actions on campus and beyond...