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QSU Event

Join us for this special workshop catered to LC

WHERE: Agnes Chapel Meeting Room (there will be signs)


There are two kinds of reactions to stimulus: mobilization and immobilization. When communities experience violence, trauma and immobilization occur when we feel powerless to right the situation. This workshop and lecture combo will name the function of the trauma response and teach critical skills to integrate the immobilizing experiences through self-regulation and action. The presenter is a queer, white accomplice and the founder of Uplift Movements. We’ll address the violence LC trans/queer and specifically, QPOC communities have experienced and learn about the key ways to embody community healing and justice through meditation, solidarity, and action. 

Open to all who respect the space. Last semester was tremendously painful, and we will protect QPOC over anyone's white feelings.


To guide you to where we will be gathering, look for signs and friendly faces! The room will not be scent-free and I am not quite sure if it is wheelchair accessible. Open and free to the greater-Portland community.