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DAY 1 - 35th Annual Gender Studies Symposium

Future Tense: Our Robots, Ourselves

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM, Gregg Pavilion

Yu-Fang Cho, associate professor of English and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies, Miami University, “Playing with ‘Pliable Life’: Robotic Futures of America’s Asia”

Wyatt Heidenfelder, Reed College ’15, “Artificial Gender: Embodiment and Identity in Virtual Spaces”

Grace Haley, Reed College ’17, “Are females human?: The Gendering of Artificial Intelligence in Military Technology and Contemporary Science Fiction”

Child’s Play

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM, Stamm

Jeanie Whitten-Andrews, multicultural and service learning coordinator, Warner Pacific College, “’Stop it!’: Understanding Notions of Consent Through Child’s Play”

Erica Herro, director of learning and instruction, Stevenson School, and Molly Bozzo, L&C ’93 and head of school at Stevenson School, “A Good Man is Hard to Raise!”

Maisha Foster-O’Neal, L&C ’11, Portland State University graduate student in education, teacher at Escuela Viva preschool, “I’ve Got the Power: Transforming Preschoolers’ Superhero Play into Social Justice Education”

Costumes, Identities, and Imaginary Worlds

1:45 - 3:15 PM, Stamm

Moderator: Diana Leonard, L&C assistant professor of psychology

Amber Schumann and Kelsey Silva Kirkland, Concordia University graduate students, “Furry Fetishes and Sense of Self”

Kassi Spittle, Washington State University-Vancouver ’16, “Gender-Bending in Cosplay: Analysis of Marvel Characters and their Cosplay Counterparts”

Tangren Alexander, professor emerita of philosophy, Southern Oregon University, “Lesbian Life in a Dollhouse” 

Power Play

1:30 - 3:00 PM, Gregg Pavilion

Miriam Gonzales, Portland State University ’16, “’Helping the Other Two Stay Upright’: Discerning Power Through Forms of Play in Toni Morrison’s B eloved

Celine Sannes­ Pond, Willamette University ’16, “The Feminist Avenger with the Dragon Tattoo: The Power of Violence Against Men in Stieg Larsson’s Novels”

Elizabeth Mjelde, co-chair of program in art history, De Anza College, “The Roots of Gendered Imagery in Early British Sri Lanka”

Molly Robinson Kelly, L&C associate professor of French, “Feminine Place and Feminine Power in Disney’s Princess Movies”


Queer Times at Gresham High: On Revolutionary Self-Care

3:30 - 5:00 PM, Council Chamber

Moderator: Alethea Mock, Gresham High School English teacher

Gresham High School students Leslie Altamirano, Mariah Bussard, Gia Dacayanan, Yasmin Flores, Marcela Menera, Bailey Milner, Victoria Moreno, Quinn Plucar, Julieta Ramirez-Solis, Hayley Schlueter, Leigh Wills

Empowering Narratives

3:30 - 5:00 PM, Gregg Pavilion

Roberta Hunte, assistant professor of Black studies and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies, Portland State University, “’I want you to do something with this’: Performance as a Vehicle to Engage Research and Advocacy”

Kate Wackett, L&C ’17, “Trajectories of Nicaraguan Feminism: Reflections on Female Testimonies from the Nicaraguan Women’s Movement and the Sandinista Revolution”

Katherine Quaid, L&C ’14, program associate at MRG Foundation, “Why We Play Basketball: The Importance of Sport in the Native American Community”