Dear Community,

December 7, 2015 3:35AM

We urge your attendance at tonight's Open Forum being held by the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) at 6:30-8:00 PM, in Agnes Flanagan Chapel. In the interest of engaging with the community the CDI has released a survey asking: "What steps should Lewis & Clark take to be more diverse and inclusive".

As we begin our 12th day occupying the Frank Manor House where we have been actively working on making our campus community more diverse, we encourage community members who share our vision and our commitment to creating a better Lewis & Clark College to respond to this survey with the following goals outlined by the organization LC Black Lives Matter:

1. Ensure Student Safety by creating ten work study positions for Sexual Assault Response Advocate (SARA) trained students and filling these through an affirmative action process that emphasizes hiring students of Color.

2. Create an Exclusive, Full Time Positions for the Chair of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion and a Title VI Coordinator. The Chair of the CDI will work to increase student participation from all three campuses in the Committee, as well as increase transparency by making Committee documents and the process of committee member selection accessible to the wider Lewis & Clark community. The Title VI Coordinator must be trained in Title VI regulation and able to facilitate dialogue about campus race relations and tensions.

3. Diversify Lewis & Clark Staff and Faculty especially in the Health and Wellness Center with physicians of Color who can address and treat physical and emotional trauma associated with issues of identity. We also strongly encourage the Board of Trustees review existing diversity proposals such as that from the Ethnic Studies Department, available here, and work towards developing its own promptly.

4. Have President Barry Glassner Hold a Press Conference in Agnes Flanagan Chapel no later than March 20, 2016 where he will present a handwritten, formal statement that will include, but is not limited to:

  • A formal apology to the LC Black Lives Matter organizers for his absence during series of racist incidents following the Ray Warren Symposium, as well as his  the lack of communication with concerned students ; a verbal commitment to fulfilling LC Black Lives Matter and #WalkTheTalk demands; and an admission of his failure to prioritize the safety and security of students of Color during his tenure as president.

  • A formal statement to the Dallaire Scholarship donors, Roméo Dallaire, the UWC International Office, the Davis Foundation, and the office of International Students and Scholars reaffirming his commitment to the safety of all international students.

  • A public acknowledgement of the following facts: - Lewis & Clark College was built upon stolen land through the genocide of Indigenous and Native American peoples.

5. Institute Mandatory Campus-Wide Open Dialogues every four years beginning academic year 2015-2016 regarding the personal cultural, historical, and political significances of the individuals Sacagawea and York, and the significance of the statues Sacagawea and Jean Baptiste and York: Terra Incognita on undergraduate campus property.

6. Create a Campus Safety Committee. Such a committee will spearhead issues concerning:

  • Campus Safety’s appearance and how that influences and informs a culture of fear and insecurity on campus as well as the implementation of mandatory implicit bias workshops and trainings to be conducted every semester.

  • The creation of a mode to increase transparency and positive direct communication between the student body and Campus Safety

  • The creation of one open forum per semester or academic year discussing issues surrounding Campus Safety, allowing students an environment in which they can voice concerns or visions for the future, as well as to bring awareness to the rights that students have.

Lewis & Clark Black Lives Matter